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FARA encourages groups to continue to Stand Up, because it is a simple and effective way to gain publicity for the cause, and show Woodside, the Western Australian, and Australian governments that “the world is watching and listening”.
FARA makes sure that relevant company executives, politicians, and public servants are aware of every Stand Up by sending them e-cards with a photo of every Stand Up.
3rd Target 2007: Well beyond expectation!

Back in June 2007, FARA set itself to initiate another 10 Stand Ups in Australia and another 10 overseas. Once again both Stand Up targets were exceeded!
  12 out of 10 Australian Stand Ups
16 out of 10 International Stand Ups

After more than 70 Stand Ups, the word on the Burrup is spreading and having an impact in Australia and around the world.
- the Canberra Parliament House Stand Up where Senator Rachel Siewert, Mr Peter Andren MHR, and Hon Dr Carmen Lawrence MHR issued a joint media statement expressing their strong support for FARA's campaign. See Press release

- the Global Stand Up for the Burrup Rally on 12-14 July, with more than a hundred people attending a Rally at Parliament House, Perth, and supporting actions directly naming 'Alan Carpenter' in New York (USA) and Rocamadour (France).
- an impressive international participation with a total of sixteen Stand Ups: seven in France, three in the USA, two in Italy, one in England, Spain, Brazil and Switzerland.
- growing Indigenous participation, with five Stand Ups during the Murujuga Convergence and the first Stand Up in Tasmania and Alice Springs.
As a result of the awareness generated by these successful actions, the Federal Government has listed a large part of the Burrup for National Heritage. This is is a significant achievement.
However the State government and Woodside continue to clear rock art from the areas excluded from the listing. We must continue the actions.

2nd Target 2007: We did it!

Back in June 2007, FARA set itself to initiate another 10 Stand Ups in Australia and another 10 overseas. Once again both Stand Up targets were exceeded!
11 out of 10 Australian Stand Ups
13 out of 10 International Stand Ups

The target was ambitious, but people proved to be genuinely passionate about saving the Burrup. Offers to hold Stand Up events flooded in from all over Australia and the world.
More than 400 people took part in public Stand Up of the Burrup events in eight different countries. This was a big effort for a volounteer organisation with no funding other than from its own members’ efforts.
Since 1 April 2007, Stand Ups have been held in France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, and the United States of America.
In most cases, Stand Up co-ordinators chose a venue that reflects the cultural heritage of their country. Fantastic examples include: the Colosseum, Rome; Dam Square, Amsterdam; Grande Place de Bruxelle, Brussells; Prado Museum, Madrid; Sydney Opera House, Australia, and of course the Burrup Peninsula itself. Rain, hail or shine…the Stand Up went ahead!
The largest Stand Up to date occurred on the 18 April 2007 in Paris, France. Around 75 people took part of a Stand Up in front of the Musee de L'Homme. The group then marched to the Eiffel Tower, the Australian Embassy, the UNESCO office, and the the Quai Branly Museum (Indigenous Art Museum). At each location, the group presented a letter requesting that organisation to Stand Up for the Burrup and to contact the Australian Government asking them to protect the site from any further destruction.

For FARA’s campaign to be successful, it is vital that action take place in the major cities in Australia’s Eastern States – Sydney and Melbourne.
The Melbourne launch of our campaign took place on 3 June, at Federation Square, a major cultural centre on the banks of the Yarra River. FARA was delighted when former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser agreed to issue a statement in support of our campaign, to read out on the day and distributed to the national media. Mr Fraser’s statement received national media coverage.
The second Sydney Stand Up, at the world famous Sydney Opera House, was held on 10 June.

The World Monuments Fund, based in New York, works to preserve endangered architectural and cultural sites around the world. Since 1965, WMF has worked tirelessly to stem the loss of historic structures at more than 450 sites in over 80 countries.  
Every two years, WMF announces the World Monuments Watch List of 100 Most Endangered Sites to call international attention to cultural heritage sites around the world threatened by neglect, vandalism, armed conflict, or natural disaster. The Watch List is one of WMF’s most important initiatives, drawing international attention to threatened sites of global significance.
On 6 June 2007, the WMF announced its 2008 Watch List, which included the rock art of the Dampier Archipelago, of which the Burrup is a part. The WMF’s announcement gained national media coverage in Australia, providing a fantastic follow up to former Prime Minister Fraser’s statement at the beginning of the week.
The WMF staff and board members demonstrated its support for FARA’s campaign by donning the black T-shirts, and standing up for the Burrup at the WMF head office. Our thanks go to Karen Garthe, Executive Assistant to Bonnie Burnham, WMF President, and the WMF board members and staff, for organising this truly international Stand Up for the Burrup event.

We are proud to have such a large and enthusiastic Stand Up family covering the globe.

1st Target 2007: Congratulations!

A month after the global 'Stand Up For The Burrup' was launched on the 20th December 2006 in front of Wesley Church, national and international Stand Up targets were defined and we achieved:
5 out of 10 'Stand Up For The Burrup' actions in 10 countries within 10 weeks (by March 2007)
13 out of 10 'Stand Up For The Burrup' actions in 10 Australian locations within 10 weeks (by March 2007)

Due to the sterling efforts of the FARA committee and its volunteers we achieved 13 Australian Stand Ups and 9 International Stand Ups within 10 weeks.

Australian Stand Up sites included the Woodside Headquarters in Perth (WA), the busy streets of Fremantle (WA), the Parliament House in Canberra (ACT), the Department of Indigenous Affair in Perth, the Asia Pacific Economic Council conference in Kings Park (WA), a spontaneous action in Camperdown (VIC), the Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition sponsored by Woodside at Cottesloe Beach (WA), an action at the Dog Rock of Albany (WA), outside Dunsborough's Church (WA), in Karratha (WA), in The Valley of Giants (WA) and at Adelaide St Peter's Cathedral (SA).

Internationally the Stand Ups have been well received too. France, Germany, Brazil and Spain have shown their strong interest in the Burrup issue. The first international action took place in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (France) followed by five French Stand Ups at significant sites such as Pech Merle Caves, Planagreze Dolmen, Valentré Bridge in Cahors (Lot), the site of the Aboriginal Dream Festival in Airvault (Deux-Sèvres) and the famous Lascaux Caves (Dordogne). Meanwhile, Stand Ups were organised in the unique world class Park of Kassel (Germany), outside Churrascaria Porcao in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil), in front of Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona (Spain).

Media responses nationally and internationally have increased exponentially during this 10 week period.

FARA wants to acknowledge the involvement of all participants who contributed to the realisation of those Stand Ups and thanks the fantastic effort of all coordinators.

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