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FARA's press releases

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20/01/2011: Oswal’s Latest Burrup Proposal Gets Big Tick from WA State Government
05/01/2009: Environs Kimberley and FARA reject Browse to Burrup
20/12/2008: 200th global rally for Burrup World Heritage Listing
12/12/2008: Standing Up for World Heritage Listing in 2009
25/10/2008: Australia destroys its own Stonehenge
25/10/2008: L'Australie détruit son propre Stonehenge
11/08/2008: Barnett calls for relocation of future Dampier industrial development away from world heritage Burrup rock art
25/07/2008: Friends of Australian Rock Art condemn “Tourism WA” as insensitive
21/07/2008: Xavier Rudd: Standing up for the Burrup
14/07/2008: World Archaeology Congress calls on Burrup destruction to stop
08/06/2008: Stand Up for the Burrup shoulder to shoulder with the opposition!
04/06/2008: Varanus explosion points to continued Burrup folly
28/04/2008: Burrup Vandalism Escalates
31/01/2008: FARA meets new Minister over Burrup
18/11/2007: Burrup rock art campaigners target Liberal’s Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney, Labor’s Gary Gray in Perth and Woodside’s Pluto B lease on the Burrup Peninsula.
04/11/2007: Turnbull artfully dodges Burrup heritage decision
28/09/2007: Rock art campaigners widen advertising campaign in Turnbull’s seat
26/09/2007: WA group takes battle for Burrup rock art to federal seat of Wentworth
13/08/2007: Rock up for Rock Art
12/08/2007: Artists for the Burrup - A Rocking Success
03/07/2007: Dampier rock art National Heritage Listing...
27/06/2007: Woodside's plans to process browse gas at the Burrup...
07/06/2007: WA Government blacklisted as heritage vandals – again!
03/06/2007: Malcolm Fraser supports Burrup rock art campaign
24/05/2007: Thirteen percent of Burrup rock art destroyed

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